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Title: Anomalies
Publisher: Capt. Marga vestai-Rustazh (aka: Valorie Hamm), and the fan club, U.S.S. Devastator out of Van Nuys, California
Editor(s): Lt. Cmdr. Koroka Belaton
Date(s): 1993
Frequency: probably twice
Medium: print
Fandom: mixed Star Trek
Language: English
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Anomalies is a Star Trek newsletter.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Anomalies 2 (v.2 n.1) was published in July 1993 and contains 28 pages.

From the editor regarding a change in leadership, and apathy:

Well, this is it, folks. I leave the comm pit to other hands. The reasons for this are many and diverse. Suffice it to say that I have much to do and not enough time in which to do the». What will become of Koroka? Oh, he'll stay on--but in another department. Our resident Jovian has learned just about all he can about the interworkings of the communications system of a starship. It's time he moved on.

I'd like to make a few observations before I go. When the DEVASTATOR seceded from STARFLEET and went independent, I was delighted. This does not mean that I've turned my back on that organization. Far from it. I an still head of communications aboard the ACHERNAR and Science Officer aboard the shuttle Alliance. But I have always felt that the DEVASTATOR was particularly well suited as a correspondence club. Our crew is comprised of some really talented writers. 1 had hoped that ANOMALIES would serve as an arena for those talents. Well, since then I've had a rather rude awakening. I have witnessed a growing sense of apathy on the part of the DEVASTATOR crew. A startlingly low percentage of the crew even bother to subscribe to the newsletter, which is our principal source of contact. Submissions have become almost non-existent. What has become of all those aspiring authors I spoke of earlier? Some have given the excuse that they can't write within the guidelines of our "mission". Hey, look, the mission idea was merely one way to encourage people to create stories, a spring board to the imagination. It was never meant as a restriction on creativity. Please, feel free to write any story as you see fit... but do write!

The ship is about to undergo some major changes. My departure as CCO will, I trust, only usher in a fresher, bolder, more challenging era for the DEVASTATOR. I plan to be around for it. How about you?

  • Proddings from the Comm Pit (3)
  • Starfleet Afer-Hours, interview with Artemis/Pamela DuPuy (4)
  • Distorted Visions, illos/cartoons (9)
    • Phineas Mudd
    • Lea
    • Lt. Whelan
    • Lt. West
  • Devastator Log Entries, fiction (13)
    • Last of Her Kind by Silverdawn
    • A Muddy Tale by Phineas Mudd
    • Nightmare Realities by Silverdawn
  • Pros and Cons, review of the pro book "How Much for Just the Planet" (27)