Angel: The Cyber Series

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Title: Angel: The Cyber Series
Author(s): Writers: Cleo Calliope, Ellen, Clare Foster, Janet, Michele, Arlinda Robinson, Roseveare, Tisienne Blue. Other editors: Dusk, Christie, Starlin Jordan
Date(s): 2000 - 2002
Length: novel, series
Genre: AU
Fandom: Angel the Series
External Links: The Slash Season (archived link)
The Gen Season (archived link)

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Angel: The Cyber Series is a fan conceived, fan written, and fan produced series presented in loving memory of Doyle actor Glenn Quinn. It involved the active collaboration of many writers and editors.

Angel: The Cyber Series is actually two alternate universe works, as readers can choose to read the slash season, produced by Cleo Calliope, or the gen season, produced by Ellen. The works appears to be incomplete, but is notable as one of the earliest attempts at a Buffyverse virtual season.


What is Angel: The Cyber Series?

DOYLE LIVES!!!! This is the most important thing you must remember about this series. We refuse to admit to that event which did not occur in that episode called ‘Hero' which never aired. This is a series of stories that will take an alternate look at the series of Angel. We accept as cannon the first eight episodes of the series, only. We are rewriting the series starting with episode nine (‘Hero').

AtCS is actually two series occurring simultaneously. The slash season and the gen season. Both are plot based and story driven. The same plot lines will be presented in each series. The only differences are in the main relationship that develops within them. See below for more information on the two seasons and how they differ.

What is the slash season?

"Maybe I'm a little attracted." Maybe? The slash season looks at the possibility that the relationship between Angel and Doyle could have become much more than a friendship. What if that attraction had grown and what if it had been returned? "Slash" is a fanfiction term that has come to mean a romantic relationship between two individuals of the same gender.

WARNING - as the season progresses it will contain references to a m/m romantic relationship. This may offend some people. If that's you, don't read it. It's as simple as that.

What is the gen season?

The interest between Doyle and Cordelia was apparent from the start of Angel. In the gen season that relationship develops into so much more. What if Cordelia and Doyle had had the time and opportunity to give dating a shot? In the gen season they do. "Gen" stands for "general audience". If you can watch the show, you can read this series.

Who are you people?

We are a dedicated set of devout fans of both the show Angel and the character of Doyle, who believe that writing Doyle out of the show was a major mistake and are doing our best to rectify the situation.

Who came up with this?

The original concept for the cyber series belongs entirely to Random (fan). She started the series during the winter following Doyle's exit from the show. The first two episodes were produced by her. She closed down the series that summer for a number of reasons, but generously allowed me to restart the series. It is now run by Ellen and myself, Cleo Calliope. [1]

Reviews & Reactions

This is one of the oldest Angel virtual series that I know of, and -- though it hasn’t been updated in years -- the few episodes that are up are well worth the read. It’s premise is “Doyle didn’t die,” but it goes off in a fairly different direction than the aforementioned series. It has both slash and gen versions of every episode, and the Gen Season contains quite a bit of Doyle/Cordelia.[2]


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