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Synonyms: and now the weather
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and now, the weather is a meme based on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. In each episode, radio show host Cecil Palmer announces weather segment by saying something like "And now the weather" or "I take you to the weather." The "weather," consists of a different song or instrumental piece each time. Often, the weather segment interrupts an impending crisis in the town, which is then typically resolved "off-stage" during the song.[1] Among Night Vale fans, the phrase has come to symbolise a sudden or humorous non-sequitur, often following on from something dramatic or suspenseful.

The phrase became used primarily on Tumblr, where users append this tag from the show to non-Night Vale-related blogs, when posting or reblogging writings that are creepy or esoteric in nature, similar to the style of Cecil's narration preceding the musical segment. For example, "A horde of feminists all stand exactly 50 feet around you...."

It has also been picked up by people critical of the NSA spying program, drone warfare, and other covert and not-so-covert government operations. There is actually a blog by that name which covers these topics.[2]



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