And Many Fates Fulfill

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Title: And Many Fates Fulfill
Author(s): the_antichris
Date(s): December 2007
Length: 1336 words
Genre: missing scenes
Fandom: Mary Renault
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And Many Fates Fulfill[1] was originally written for Yuletide 2007 for innervoice_chan who asked for “anything really”.

Told as a first person narrative by Nikeratos, he reveals why his dislikes Orestes, even while he recognises its greatness as a play. The story fleshes out several scenes within Renault’s novel and provides insights into Nikeratos’ and Thettalos’ relationship and Dion as a man and ruler. It spans the time from when Niko was a young actor playing third in Orestes for the first time to post novel when Thettalos is spy for Prince Alexander of Macedon (later Alexander the Great).

Comments by readers include:

  • It's absolutely lovely! How beautiful! I like the letter form -- it seems very in keeping with the style of the book, and really very much in character. Thank you so much for this wonderful story based on one of my favorite books!Artaxastra
  • Wonderful! This grasps and weaves so many threads from the novel, so deftly: Niko's character, his past and his romantic dallying and his dedication to his art; his devotion to Apollo, with signs and portents guiding him; his bond with Thettalos, as well as Thettalos's awareness of a new age of the theater. And poor Dion, breaking before his fall (if ever there were a time Niko would have hated to be right, it's then!); and, of course, Alexander, the answer to a prayer who may have come too late. I was swept right up, as if in missing scenes right out of the book.Dorinda


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