An Affair to Remember -- McShep Style

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You may be looking for the Professionals story An Affair to Remember.

Title: An Affair to Remember -- McShep Style
Author(s): Tira Nog
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: An Affair to Remember – McShep style (Tiranog's Website)

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An Affair to Remember—McShep Style is a John/Rodney Stargate Atlantis story by Tira Nog. Cover art was created by Yosimite.[1]

Summary: Rodney McKay meets international playboy Johnnie Sheppard on a cruise to the French Riviera.

Reactions and Reviews

Another Tira Nog fic, another melodramatic angst fest (though this time she can at least say that it's based on a *cinematic* melodramatic angst fest). And it is glorious.

In the 1950's, Rodney McKay, just coming out of a borderline abusive relationship, takes a cruise on his own to try and figure out what he's going to do with the rest of his life. Enter John Sheppard, world-famous playboy who is known to hit on just about anything. Heh.

I've never seen the movie and this story doesn't inspire me to go out and rent it, because the best part of this fic is the gay angle and how it was handled in the the time period. The need for secrecy gives this story an edge that really makes the relationship spark, and that combined with the beautiful locales and a spot-on interpretation of 1950's attitudes make this fic a must-read. Added bonus: intriguing (and unexpected) appearances by Elizabeth and Teyla and an enjoyable turn by Carson and Laura.[2]
OMG YES! Tira Nog's fics are always looong, full of w00bie-ness from the character I most prefer w00bie-ized (SevSnape!

WRodney!), h/c...

I WUV them! & I mean wuv. I'm fully aware of their shortcomings, but... WUV. They just hit all my buttons, & I don't care if Tira Nog isn't the most revered, thinky, OMG fandom's upside [down] writer. Those are stories that always end well after lots of suffering! The best!.[3]
Exactly! Actually, I often find BNFs (and BNSs) to be overly literary (read: pretentious) and highly depressing and, frankly, that's not what I want from fanfiction. I want hurt with lots of comfort, I straight men to be suddenly gay, I want trust issues and first-time angst, and, most of all, I want a happy ending, damn it![4]


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