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Title: Amrâlimê
Type: art portfolio
Date(s): 2015
Medium: print
Size: 89 pages
Fandom: The Hobbit
Language: English
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Amralime - The Hobbit Fanart Anthology.png
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Amrâlimê is a fanart anthology for The Hobbit, featuring work by 48 artists.


We really wanted to create something made by loving fans of Peter Jackson’s trilogy for other fans to enjoy and remember the happiness that these films have brought us. For those that do not know, amrâlimê is khuzdul for “love of mine” and is the namesake of the The Hobbit Trilogy 2015 fanbook anthology! All proceeds made from the book will be donated to The Eden Projects. In honor of Thorin Oakenshield’s last words, with each purchase of an anthology copy, a tree will be planted.



All proceeds from the fanbook will go towards The Eden Projects, a charity that uses their donations to plant trees in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and Nepal in order to restore their forests. The charity also employs local villagers to plant these trees which gives them income to provide for their families. We’ll make sure provide proof of checks and proceeds for the donation by the end of the selling period.

Total Revenue Results:

627 copies sold. $2,441.60 total donated.

24,416 trees planted.