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Title: Amateurs
Author(s): Emrys
Date(s): est. 2001
Genre: slash
Fandom: Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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Amateurs is a Man from U.N.C.L.E. story by Emrys.

Reactions and Reviews

I know I haven't been a prolific reccer, but unfortunately the bulk of the fic in this fandom exists in zine, but not online form, so it's a little tough to rec some of the stories I would really like to rec. (Like Elizabeth Urich's Perestroika, and Jane Terry's Z-48.) I'm hoping that with the creation of the new automated MFU archive, The Chrome & Gunmetal Madhouse, that that situation may change....

MFU is a fandom that not only has a lot of canon bondage (not of the BDSM variety, but of the actual bonds variety) but it is rife with opportunities for hurt/comfort. These guys regularly end up in situations that should put them in the hospital, at least for a while. Personally I'm not a big H/C fan but I know I'm in the minority, so here's a H/C story for y'all that passes my 'not too extreme' test.

This story twines a classic hurt/comfort scenario with something a little more than comfort, weaves in a thread of guilt for angst, and then ties it all together in a payoff that feels very in-character for two men who mostly rely on brains, not brawn, to get the job done.[1]
I enjoy this story on a couple of levels. First, because it's not often we get to see Napoleon doing the hurting in the h/c scenario. And he hurts so prettily. Second, because the h/c is not overdone. I do enjoy a good h/c, but when the hurt is overly dramatic and the following comfort is oozing syrup from my screen, I'm put off. It feels "fake," for lack of a better term. This story felt right. Napoleon toughing it out silently and Illya offering comfort in that quiet strength which is his way for all things. In character and well done.[2]


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