Always a Price to Pay

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Title: Always a Price to Pay
Editor(s): Rie Sheridan
Date(s): April 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Shadow Chasers
Language: English
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cover by Rie Sheridan

Always a Price to Pay is a gen 215-page collection of five Shadow Chasers stories written by Rie Sheridan and edited by Susan Garrett. The author notes the illustrations were "created with ProSoft's FONTASY program for the IBM computer."

  • Won on One (Summer) (p.1)
  • Dark Sight of the Moon (Autumn) (p.30)
  • Shee's Always a Woman to Me (Winter) (p.79)
  • Soul Survivor (Spring) (125)
  • A Matter of Faith (Summer) (p.158)