Along the Trail to Purgatory

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Title: Along the Trail to Purgatory
Publisher: Purgatory Studio
Date(s): 2000 or after
Medium: print
Size: 86 pages
Genre: gen
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
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Along the Trail to Purgatory is a gen 86-page Magnificent Seven anthology with fiction by Michelle Robb. The art is by Lucy Seaman. They are stories originally published in other multi-media zines. [1]

front cover
  • Measure of a Man
  • One Night in Hell (also in Scoundrels, Sinners and Saviors)
  • Gossip 1 - Fetchin’ Water
  • Working Girls
  • A Good Day to Die
  • Showdown
  • Barriers


  1. Perhaps under different titles? Only one shows up in a search on Fanlore.