All for Love

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Title: All for Love
Creator: Joanna and Pat Paone
Date: 1990s
Format: audio VHS
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
URL: at

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All for Love is a music video by Joanna Paone and Pat Paone.

Tape 1

There appear to be two of them.

These tapes were "made in the UK PAL format by Pat Paone and her daughter in the early 1990's, using (as was common practice at this time) a hand-held video camera taking clips from B&B series videotapes and matching them with music." [1]

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flyer for Tape 2

Tape 1

All for Love 1 contains five music tracks.

Tape 2

All for Love 2

Description from a flyer:

Twenty three beautiful music tracks, plus Catherine's readings from the series, are combined to bring you one and a half hours of magical viewing pleasure, I you enjoyed "All for Love," they you will certainly enjoy "All for Love 1" which includes tracks by Whitney Houston, Neil Diamond, Lionel Ritchie, and many more.