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Name: All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive
Date(s): 2003-present
Archivist: Farfalla Caquí, archivist, Hypatia Kosh, technical assistant, Ami-chan, Leiabelle, and Auntie M, ratings advisors
Fandom: Star Trek, Kirk/Spock
URL: All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive/reference link
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The Moderator's Introduction

Here you'll find non-explicit, G-PG-13 K/S stories, poetry, art! Over seventy-five writers and artists are represented here, and more are always welcome.

The philosophy behind AAK/SA is simple -- there's nothing pornographic about being gay, and nothing obscene about love between men. There are no links to sites with explicit content here; no pictures of naked men; no sex scenes. Rather, it is a celebration of the love between Kirk and Spock that is accessible for a wider audience.

This site was created for anyone who wants to explore K/S slash without having to encounter explicit material. Our mission is not one of censorship; if you like what you see here, be my guest to use Google to find something harder. We merely promote the belief that the gender of the partners in the relationship depicted should not inflate the ratings of an otherwise tame piece.

I hope you enjoy this constantly growing site!

Some History

If calling something a K/S e-zine seemed ballsy to some, that was nothing compared to the next Kirk/Spock online collection. In 2003, Farfalla started what she initially called the All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive—later to become—for art, stories and poetry displaying the love between Kirk and Spock, including romantic and physical love portrayed in a non-sexually explicit manner. She intentionally made sure it was free of terms that would have it filtered from child- friendly sites and actively promoted it around the Web.

Says she, “ was created in 2003 when Farfalla wanted to share K/S with her underage sister without having to weed through all the erotica first. Since then, its main purpose has been to support the idea that simply centering around a same-sex couple shouldn’t elevate the ratings of an otherwise tame and tasteful piece of romantic fiction or art.”

While the idea that there could be K/S that wasn’t for adults only was met with some resistance, the site has flourished, and Farfalla is happy to note that it hosts the largest collection of K/S art on the Internet. It’s also the second site to come up in a Google search of “Kirk Spock” (after Wikipedia) and has gently introduced many new fans to K/S.[1]

Farfalla said in 2004:

I was sitting on my dad's computer one day, trying to find K/S fan art to show my little sister that would be safe for her to look at (she's still only eleven), when I realized that even going to many of the sites I had in mind would bring up thumbnails with big amusing penises. I decided to start a page to make this task a bit easier in the future.

And then it exploded.

AAK/SA is now the largest collection of K/S fan art online. Sometimes, I even get people who don't give two craps about K/S to draw something for us. We also have a wealth of fanfic and livejournal icons and who knows what else...

I plan on keeping AAK/SA going because, far from being just about my sister, it's become a resource for the whole K/S community and I'm very, very proud of it. It's also a great way for people new to slash to dip their toes in without being accosted by anuses and stuff. AAK/SA has also provided K/S fans with a way to find the K&S "that reads like slash if you want it to" without having to read through dozens of "gen" stories that are really PG het in disguise.[2]


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