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Name: all4onebigbang, All For One Big Bang
Date(s): 2014
Moderator(s): inky_d, musketeersbbc
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: The Musketeers
Associated Community:
URL: all4onebigbang LiveJournal
all4onebigbang Tumblr
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The all4onebigbang was a big bang challenge in The Musketeers fandom. Authors had to write a minimum of 7000 words, and Artists had to make a minimum of one piece of a medium of their choice.


Title: Shouting Love at the World
Author: CPFics
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8654
Pairing: Athos/Aramis/Porthos
Summary: Two stories, nearly 400 years apart. Athos, Aramis and Porthos, of the King’s Musketeers, take a short Christmas holiday to La Fère in 1631. Athos, Aramis and Porthos, university students, spend Christmas at Athos’ parents house in 2013. Both times they are caught together, but the fallout is very different, as times have changed. Part of the Muskequeers universe.
Warnings: References to transphobia/homophobia, one minor act of violence, gender dysphoria, alcohol abuse.

Title: Best Savoured Cold
Author: ponygirl
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10853
Characters: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, d'Artagnan, Treville, Flea, OCs.
Summary: When the desecrated corpses of murdered nobles start appearing around Paris, the musketeers are tasked with finding the murderer. The case itself is enough to put anyone on edge, but why does Athos constantly feel that someone is watching him?
Warnings: Violence, torture, desecration of corpses.

Title: Not as Expected
Author: megcorbyn
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6596
Pairing: d'Artagnan/Athos (main), Porthos/Aramis
Summary: Soulmate AU where you wake up on your 18th birthday with the first words your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body so you’ll know when you meet them. But of course, it’s not that simple. Snapshots of this terribly complicated soulmate business where d'Artagnan’s soulmate already has a soulmate and Athos thinks his soulmate is dead.
Warnings: None.

Title: The Queen’s Musketeers
Author: Breathtaken
Rating: G
Word Count: 16,062
Characters: Fleur Baudin, Flea, Ninon de Larroque, Constance Bonacieux, Aramis, Mother Superior, Adèle Bessett, Porthos, Charon, Athos, d’Artagnan, Maria Bonnaire, Original Male Character
Summary: When Fleur Baudin swears to avenge the mysterious death of her sister Thérèse, the killer’s trail leads her to Ninon de Larroque, elite swordswoman of the Queen’s Musketeers, and implicates her in a conspiracy against the crown. But when it becomes clear that Ninon is more victim than perpetrator, Fleur must join forces with fellow Musketeers Flea and Constance Bonacieux to clear Ninon’s name and bring Thérèse’s killer to justice…
Warnings: None.
Artist: AliciaLuar

Title: Strong, Faithful
Author: Spycandy
Rating: G
Word Count: 7,451
Characters/Pairing: Louis, Treville
Summary: Strong, faithful: it is the Treville family motto and Louis has been glad of it ever since he was a child.
Warning: Brief mention of miscarriage.

Title: Born of Hardship
Author: deacertes
Rating: G
Word Count: 15,270
Characters: Aramis, Athos, Porthos, d'Artagnan, de Tréville (Jean-Armand du Peyrer)
Summary: Athos’ expression turned wry. “You might say that ours is a friendship born from hardship and tempered in a crucible of fire.” D'Artagnan leant across the table, his eyes alight with interest. “Will you tell me?” Athos lowered his cup and regarded d'Artagnan thoughtfully. “Very well. It began five years ago…”
Warnings: PTSD, aphasia
Artist: hine

Title: The Devil On Your Back
Author: misanthropiclycanthrope
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 11,410
Characters: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, d'Artagnan, Treville
Summary: Athos is asked to go undercover on a mission that stirs memories he would rather were left buried. But friendship proves a more powerful force than the demons lurking in his past.
Warnings: Mild canon typical violence, alcoholism.

Title: The Chemistry of a Car Crash
Author: smaragdbird
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Treville/Richelieu
Summary: From the fling between a musketeer cadet and a theology student to not with you/not without you relationship between the captain of the guard and the first minister of France Treville and Richelieu have never been able to stay away from each other. From surviving the coup of Maria di Medici to deliberately sacrificing a whole regiment to distract the Duke of Savoy they couldn’t have been closer or farther away from each other. A chronicle of Treville’s and Richelieu’s relationship from the beginning to the end.
Warnings: canon-level of violence, historical character death
Artist: theharvelleroadhouse

Title: Carry Me Far
Author: Evening_Bat
Rating: G
Word Count: 8128
Characters: Athos, Aramis, Porthos, d’Artagnan, Treville
Summary: Athos was injured, imprisoned, and waiting for the worst, but it seemed that help was not as impossibly far away as he’d thought. (AU)
Warnings: Some violence and injuries but nothing much worse than canon.

Title: Synergy
Author: Polytropic
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 23,801
Paring: Constance/d’Artagnan, future OT5
Summary: Athos might have reconsidered earning his mage credentials if he’d known he would be saddled with a student. His, Aramis’ and Porthos’ job is to teach d'Artagnan about his newly-discovered Gift…but maybe none of them understand magic as well as they think they do. Circle of Magic-esque AU.
Warnings: mentions of suicidal ideation, mentions of alcoholism, brief emotional abuse and manipulation of someone by their spouse
Artist: Lynndyre and SamHawke