Alice Cullen/Bella Swan

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Pairing: Alice Cullen/Bella Swan
Alternative name(s): Alice/Bella, A/B, Bellice
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Twilight
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: common
Archives: FFN works AO3 works
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Alice/Bella is the most common femslash pairing in the Twilight fandom.


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  • Age Doesn't Matter in Love [1] by XxKelleyxX, rated mature, All human. Bella is a senior at Forks High when Miss Alice Brandon, fresh out of college comes to teach Math. What happens when Bella starts to have feelings for her teacher, despite having a boyfriend?
  • Mesmeric Stranger [2] by Eden Storm, rated mature, Bella moves to Forks and meets her destiny...
  • Golden Slumber [3] by fembuck, rated teen, Alice and Bella share a quiet moment together in the hotel in Phoenix Twilight
  • The Edge [4] by fembuck, rated mature, One night when Edward is out hunting, Alice drops by Bella’s room to keep her company. Only, things don’t go quite as planned. Sequel to "Golden Slumber"
  • Alice [5] by xDreamlessx, rated explicit, AU, AB, Dark. Bella is a lonely and depressed teenager who wants nothing more out of life than a girlfriend. Alice is a centuries old vampire who's cheerful personality hides a darker nature. Bella has been dreaming about her ever since she could remember having dreams, but when Alice shows up at school, is it a dream come true or a nightmare?



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