Akin to Love

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Title: Akin to Love
Author(s): Melody C.
Date(s): 1992
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
External Links: Akin to Love, posted online by the author

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Akin to Love is a Holmes/Watson story by Melody C.

It was printed in No Holds Barred #1.

This story is notable for many things, one of which is being an example of the "Fourth Wave" slash fic in The Wave Theory of Slash.[1]

The story was also at the center of a fan feud.[2]


"Yet his eyes gently mocked me. "You saw no friend."

“I have not?’ I asked, by then truly frightened, my blood pounding like fists across my veins.

“You have not,’ he purred softly. “You have in fact frequented Dogs Isle Private Hotel, where rooms are let for half-crown a week. You tarried there till quarter past the hour at which point you quaffed your tea, freed your lodgings and paid the man with whom you slept.”

As if my friend had suddenly caught fire, I shot to my feet and jerked from Holmes’ presence.

“How dare you speak to me this way?’ I gasped, unthinking, unable to think.

“How dare I?” Holmes seethed, slamming his pipe to the sideboard. ‘How dare you?"

Author's Comments

'List the five stories you have written that you LOVE the best. Not the best one or the most popular one but the ones that you personally love the best." -- "Akin to Love (yes, I'm the same [Melody C] ... someone asked me that the other day ... I think I'm the only [Melody C] fan fic writer) -- The story took a long time to write because I wanted to be certain of word accuracy and also of getting "Watson's" prose voice right. But it was fun.[3]

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

... stunning story.[4]


Reyrct about the tone and ambience of a piece adding to/distract me from a story or limiting either the story itself or an entire fandom (eg, the terrific job [Melody C] did of Holmes/Watson, the paucity [in every sense!] of Twin Peaks stories). Speaking from personal experience... 1 don't actually find it difficult to write in what I feel is the appropriate tone for a particular universe: plagiarising Conan Doyle's writing style whilst also plagiarising his character is really quite easy for lazy bitches like me. In fact, particularly when something is based on a literary source (whether it be Jeeves/Wooster or Sgt. Wield), 1 find that the tone of the writing is almost a character in and of itself, in that, without that particular aspect, then the slash story feels as if something as vital as a main character is missing, rather like picking up A/B and finding there's no Avon... As for being limited by the style of the original—you betcha! I find that I write these quite nauseatingly syrupy Holmes/Watsons because dear old Sir Arthur, in keeping with the times and the publishing outlet, used so many euphemisms and ignored so many gritty realities, that I haven't quite found my way out of his maze of nice words and cosy Victorianisms.[5]


The very first fanfic I remember reading is “Akin to Love” by [Melody C]. I was about seventeen-ish, I think? It was either in 2007 or 2008. Someone (who later became a good friend of mine) linked to it and several other Holmes/Watson fics on a Polish social networking site. I downloaded all of them onto a thumb drive at our school library – I didn’t have the Internet at home yet. I remember I finished reading it and turned off my PC, bright red in the face – it was pure smut! Was so glad my parents don’t understand a word in English. Within a week I had a huge binder full of printed fic, not only Holmes/Watson, but also House/Wilson, Arthas/Illidan (!!!) from WoW, a couple of Hitman stories (the video game)… I still have this binder :’) [6]


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