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Mailing List
Name: AGothic
Date(s): 15 December 1998 to November 2012
Moderated: Yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Elaine Rucki
Founder(s): Raven Elaine (Elaine Rucki)
Type: Discussion
Fandom: American Gothic
Scope: General events news
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AGothic was a Yahoo group that had moderated posting, with 189 members at its close. The group's peak period was in 1999-2000. Posting dropped off dramatically after that point though it continued to receive posts about the show until around 2009. When it was active it had as many as 1700 messages a month. Discussion ranged from actor appearances and episode availability to searching for merchandise and favorite characters and episodes. There was also occasional discussion of events in episodes and some announcements of fanfic posts or updates.


Mailing list dedicated to the '95-'96 television series "American Gothic" created by Shaun Cassidy. This series starred Gary Cole, Nick Searcy, Brenda Bakke, Jake Weber, Sarah Paulson, Paige Turco and Lucas Black. A small town, an evil sheriff, a young boy, and the people in their lives.

Sample Posts

February 21, 1999

Since there are many of you who are quite new to this list, and many of you who are also new to American Gothic thanks to the re-airing of the show, I decided to re-post Craig's "Episode Anecdotes" for you.

Craig was the Production Assistant on the set of American Gothic, and he was also a member of the original AG Mailing List. He periodically sent these anecdotes as emails to the list, and I in turn added them to a webpage for Craig & AG.

If you don't want to wait until I've posted them all, you can visit The Craig Shrine, and find out for yourself. It also has some other neat things about AG that aren't on my main AG page.

The Craig Shrine

March 13, 1999

Strangler is an episode of American Gothic that did not air when the show was originally on CBS. It did air in other parts of the world, and SciFi bought the episode as well, so the USA can see it now. The show essentially has Lucas declaring "war" on Merlyn, and calling the spirit of Al (?) DiSalvo, the Boston Strangler, to destroy her, while Lucas is away at a convention.

March 13, 1999

That's a really interesting topic, this is my opinion.

1. There are many reasons why Lucas left maybe he wanted to see if Caleb had the power to stop DiSalvo and save Merlyn. Also maybe he wanted to see how Ben Healy could handle himself without the all mighty presence of Lucas.

2. Lucas left DiSalvo unsupervised because maybe he thought that either Merlyn or Caleb would send him back to his grave again.

3. He's Lucas defiantly new that the rest of the town would be in danger but for whatever reason he left. Maybe he was sick of "he's people" and he wanted to trim down the population. lol Lucas in my opinion felt he was after rubing off on Caleb enough, and Caleb could protect himself with he's power.

I feel like im doing a test and i don't no the answers but im making stuff up. Well that's my opinion of the whole Strangler episode.

October 27, 1999

It's been awhile, folks, but there's a new story now available for your reading pleasure at The Trinity Bookstore...

"Down to the Crossroads" by Leah Warshaw


Roxanne The Trinity Bookstore: American Gothic Fan Fiction

October 27, 1999

> Now, I have a question: Does anyone's AG Web site still have sound clips from > the series. I don't mean RealAudio - my creaky old computer can't play that. > I mean .WAV files, so I can rebuild a collection lost during a system crash > last summer.

You can now find some of the wav-files that were at the Trinity Guardian at the Trinity Bookstore:

It's not complete, so if anyone should have all the soundfiles from the Trinity Guardian stashed away on their computer, e-mail Roxanne

May 29, 2007

The decision to film here was for various reasons but mainly it was the almighty dollar. NC is or should I say was a "Right To Work" state back then which meant that production companies could come here and hire non-union crew and pay them much less than in LA or NYC. Nowadays, the union has flexed their muscles and it seems the days of cheap labor are a thing of the past. Next reason was the studio we have here, the crew base and equipment availability. Wilmington is also a very unique little town in that it has so many different looks that it really offered Shaun and David Eick alot of options when choosing locations. I personally took them around for several days and showed them many of the locations that were ultimately used in the Pilot. Shaun was one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He grew a full beard before he came here thinking that people wouldn't recognize him but it didin't work. He was only here for the initial scout and then only a couple of times after that. He spent most of his time back in LA where he worked with Sam Raimi and the editing crew cutting the final episode. I would do all of the scouting for locations and take lots of pictures of several options. Then after Shaun, David, the director and production designer would view them they would narrow them down to a few that we then would go see in person. It was usually a group decision and for the pilot, distance was not a factor. The house that was Caleb's and Merly's was about an hour away from the studio / production office, but was so awesome that it was not an issue to use it. When the show got picked up, a location like that would never be used in episodic TV because time is money and production execs would never approve a travel like that. The whole show was filmed in NC, almost entirely in and around Wilmington. The interior hospital, Buck's office and the interior of the boarding house were built in a section of an old closed down textile plant that ultimately was turned into the Wilmington Film Studios. CSI's, CGI's and Foley or sound effects were all done back in LA. We had the capability to do it here but I guess the execs wanted more control in their hometown.