Agony in Pink

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Title: Agony in Pink
Author(s): The Dark Ranger
Date(s): November 16, 1994
Length: 8 chapters (~15.625 words)
Genre: Rapefic, darkfic, torture
Fandom: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
External Links: Agony in Pink full original version (as of 2016 password protected, use the WayBack Machine to read earlier versions)

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Agony in Pink is an infamous Power Rangers fanfic by The Dark Ranger that contained graphic rape and torture. The story was originally published on Alt.Sex.Stories but was removed.


Largely about the kidnapping, torture and rape of Kimberly Hart (the first Pink Ranger) by a monster created by Lord Zedd (possibly a self-insert from the author) called Tortura.

The author provided the following warning:

The story which you are about to read is a fantasy, and will not be to everybody's tastes. It is pretty strong and contains graphic violence, sex, and torture, and despite the fact that the bad guys are clearly not realistic (rubber monsters) it may still be upsetting. I'm sure I don't have to say that, despite that fact that it is a Power Rangers story, it is *NOT* for kids. If this type of story is not to your tastes, please do not read or download. Fell free to post comments about the story. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy![1]


  • Considered by many people one of the most traumatic fanfics in the history of fandom.[2]
  • The PPC wiki classifies it as a "Legendary Badfic".[3]

Banned in Australia

In 2000, the Australian government banned the newsgroup after an activist sent "Agony in Pink" to them:

Content on popular portal has been banned following a complaint

that it contained a pornographic story. Filtering software companies will be instructed to block access to a posting on deja. com, a site that archives Usenet newsgroups, after the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) refused classification for the content.

The incident has turned up the heat on newsgroups, with the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) vowing to identify the worst offenders to ISPs, which may then decide to ban whole forums.

The complainant, free speech advocate and Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) board member Danny Yee, said the anonymous posting, titled Agony

in Pink, was submitted to see what classification it would earn.[4]

Comments & Reviews

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I've always felt this way about "Agony in Pink," even when it was going around as the most shocking thing ever (and yes, I'm old). It really read like "oh, I'm going to write Power Rangers torture fanfiction to be ~edgy,~" but the writing about the actual torture was so workmanlike and perfunctory, while the Pink Ranger's feet were always described in loving, passionate detail. Damn, author, just write some foot-fetish shit! That's clearly what you'd rather be doing![5]

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