Aftermath (Starsky & Hutch story)

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Title: Aftermath
Author(s): Lasha
Date(s): 2000s?
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Aftermath is a slash Starsky/Hutch story by Lasha.

Reactions and Reviews

It seems Starsky has been a bit bitchy, post-Kira, and Hutch wants to know why. Hmm, could it be you slept with his girlfriend, Blondie? Or could it be you have a deep, dark secret and that's why you didn't want to see your partner with someone else? We shall see. Though, to his credit, Hutch is very, very sorry he slept with Kira.

"Starsky, please…don't go. We can work this out. I am so sorry."

Starsky ain't having it, though.

"Now, you're sorry. Geez, Hutchinson, in all the years we've known each other and you've pulled some pretty shitty things on me in the past, this is the first time I think you're really are sorry. But, it's too late. Save it. You crossed the line this time…"

Hutch refuses to accept that his buddy won't forgive him, so he pushes and pushes until Starsky has to resort to rather physical means to get his point across.

I love a good fight, and this story doesn't disappoint. No, they don't go at it Krystle and Alexis style, but a few punches are thrown, tackles are attempted, all which leads to... somebody straddling somebody, and Starsky shows his hand:

"Yeah, I finally figured it out…dumb 'ol Starsky. Too blind to see the forest cause of the trees…now get off of me before I hit you again."

Oh, damn. The closet door just flew open.

This is a hot and daring story, walking the fine line of what's consensual... is he taking or being allowed to take? Is this what they both want, or is the other being dragged where he wanted to go anyway? Ah, what a conundrum. (Or not)

Starsky knew that Hutch had wanted him like this for awhile. Hutch sleeping with Kira had been the last straw in their tense relationship of the last couple of months. That betrayal had forced him to finally deal with his feelings of jealously in seeing Hutch with Kira. Coming out of her bedroom…buttoning his shirt. Shit…it still hurts to think about it...

This story captures the hurt and betrayal Starksy felt, while bringing it all down to what matters most...

He's mine, no one else's… Not Gillian's, not Vanessa's, but mine. Kira can't touch us now. She could never give you this, pal. You went wild.

Yeah, baby.

I can just see this happening post-ep, and that, at least IMHO, makes a good story. [1]


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