Aftermath (Blake's 7 gen zine)

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Title: Aftermath
Publisher: Silver Sky Publications
Editor(s): Ally Fiddy and Bridget Woolven
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Aftermath is a gen Blake's 7 anthology of stories, poems, and non-fiction edited by Ally Fiddy and Bridget Woolven.

There are two issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Aftermath 1 was published before 1984 but no publication date is given It contains 145 pages. The front cover is by Ally Fiddy and J.D. Humphries. The back cover is by Michael A. Hather.

  • Motives, fiction by Bridget Woolven (A/Servalan)
  • Daybreak, fiction by Ally Fiddy and Fiona McArthur (V/oc)
  • Prelude, fiction by Felicity Ryan (A/Anna Grant)
  • Vestalan Paradox, fiction by Louise Brown
  • Epitaph for Cally, poem by Yvonne McKinney
  • The Final Confrontation, poem by Felicity Ryan
  • a review of "Terra Nova"

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Aftermath 2 was published in 1984 and contains 52 pages. The front cover is by J.D. Humphries and Ally Fiddy graffiti.

  • Premonitions, fiction by Ally Fiddy
  • Divide and Conquer, fiction by Brenda Callagher (also in Airwaves)
  • Sorry My Love, fiction by Susan J. King (Anna Grant/Avon)
  • Encounter, fiction by Bridget Woolven (J/T)
  • Chimera, fiction by Ally Fiddy
  • Most Likely to Succeed, poem by Bridget Woolven
  • Sand, poem by Felicity Ryan
  • untitled poem by Yvonne McKinney
  • untitled editorial by Ally & Bridget
  • ads for note paper, forthcoming zine "Mutoids Own", Vilaworld club, photo list, etc.
  • Interview with Brian Croucher
  • Galacticon Report (1983) by Bridget Woolven
  • The Taff in Exile, "The Incredible Plan"
  • After-point, (LoCs)
  • Sales List