After the Contest

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Title: After the Contest
Author(s): baranduin
Date(s): 22 May 2005
Length: 1054 words
Fandom(s): Mary Renault
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After the Contest[1] is a short story written by baranduin. This story is based on the second book from Mary Renault's Alexander Trilogy, The Persian Boy. It describes an imaginary scene between Hephaistion and Bagoas following Bagoas’ win in the dance contest in Karmania. Alexander is asleep and Bagoas slips out and has a chance encounter with Hephaistion, in which both acknowledge an attraction between one another but do not fully act on it.

Comments received on the story include:

  • ...It horrified me. No, that is not true. What horrified me was that my body responded to him, to that little brushing." I love that little specification. The intriguing combination of feelings and subconscious reactions. You are the master of those![2]bagoas_alterego
  • I loved this little piece. So many complex emotions all mixed together and beautifully expressed in a very economic style.[3]talullared


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