Adventure and Adversity

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Title: Adventure and Adversity
Publisher: Kathy Resch
Date(s): 2002
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Language: English
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cover issue #1, Thea Ruoho

Adventure and Adversity is a two volume slash Horatio Hornblower anthology with cover art and interior art by Thea Ruoho. Summaries are from the publisher. Artwork has been uploaded to Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

Issue 1

Adventure and Adversity 1 was published in 2002 and contains 145 pages.

  • All Hallow's Eve by Elizabeth Holden (At the witching hour, Captain Pellew is visited by a ghost from his past.)
  • Sweet Reconcile by Anne Fairchild (Unwilling to share the limelight, Foster abandons an injured Horatio upon their return to shore - but there is one who has not abandoned him.)
  • Down Among the Dead Men by The Ragged Rose (What if Henry Clayton didn't die in the duel with Simpson? What if he and Kennedy had had a closer relationship than the one we see on film?)
interior art, issue #1 by Thea Ruoho
  • An Exqisite Madness by Elizabeth Holden (Captain Pellew relishes the joy of being wet, and Midshipman Hornblower relishes the joy of seeing it)
  • Duty, Honor and Desire by Anne Fairchild (When circumstances throw Captain Pellew and a helpless Horatio together in a compromising position, Pellew fights his attraction to his young lieutenant - and loses. But at what cost to his self respect and sense of honour)
  • Between Heaven and Earth by Elizabeth Holden (Trapped in the rigging by his fear ofheights, Horatio learns something about friendship and trust.)
  • Condolence by Anne Fairchild (When Lord Edrington suffers a loss, Horatio is witness to a side of the Earl he hadn't suspected.)
  • Beyond Duty by Elizabeth Holden (Recuperating during the court martial, Bush ponders a matter more important to him than the question of who pushed Sawyer)
  • Morning After by Anne Fairchild (A grieving and lonely Lord Edrington accepts the hospitality of Captain Pellew and Horatio ashore.)
interior art, issue #1 by Thea Ruoho
  • Ghosts by The Ragged Rose (Sequel to "Down Among the Dead Men", in which Clayton gets his commission confirmed. Hornblower learns of his relationship with Kennedy, and finds out things about his own sexuality as well)
  • Christmas, 1795 by Elizabeth Holden (Captain Pellew and Midshipman Hornblower exchange Christmas greetings.)
  • Revelations de Muzillac by Anne Fairchild (In the aftermath of Muzillac, Archie finds love and happiness at last - but the course of true love never did run smoothly)
  • Dark Angel by Elizabeth Holden (Archie Kennedy is torn between his past and hisfuture, with only Horatio to help him in the present)
  • Fathers and Sons by Anne Fairchild (Lord Edrington, at home in the bosom of his family, is forced by the anguished revelation ofhis oldest son to revisit painful memories ofhis relationship with his own father)
  • Exile by Elizabeth Holden (Archie Kennedy learns that the price of doing one's duty for one's country can sometimes be difficult to bear.)

Issue 2

cover issue #2, Thea Ruoho

Adventure and Adversity 2 contains 152 pages and was published in 2002.

  • Solace: A Midwinter's Tale by Anne Fairchild (An injured and demoralized Colonel Edrington finds comfort in the arms of Horatio and Edward, while the trio's relationship undergoes some changes.)
  • Firelight by Elizabeth Holden (On a snowy night in northern England, Pellew and Horatio find a refuge.)
  • Laying the Dead to Rest by The Ragged Rose (Sequel to "Ghosts". Clayton and Hornblower are imprisoned at El Ferrol with Kennedy.)
  • The Constant Heart by Anne Fairchild (Pellew needs him; will Mr. Bracegirdle answer his captain's cry for help?)
  • Honour Bound by Elizabeth Holden (Captain Pellew doesn't believe in fighting duels, but when Horatio's career is threatened, he has no choice)
  • Love Me Tender by Anne Fairchild (Archie is persuaded to accept an invitation from Lord Edrington)
interior art issue #2, Thea Ruoho
  • Lobster Bisque by Elizabeth Holden (In which Lord Edrington proffers Horatio a most unseemly invitation, which Horatio refuses.)
  • Flat Aback by The Ragged Rose (Horatio and Pellew play cat-and-mouse in the captain's cabin. Fill-in piece for "The Fireships".)
  • Heartsease by Anne Fairchild (Lt. Bracegirdle reflects on love and longing, and receives recognition from unexpected quarters)
  • Possession by Elizabeth Holden (Lt. Bracegirdle discovers a terrible secret that excoriates a memory from his own past.)
  • The Face of Passion by Anne Fairchild (A sleeping Horatio awakens tenderness and lust in Pellew)
  • Storm by Elizabeth Holden (A gale at sea drives Pellew and Horatio to their limits and beyond.)
interior art issue #2, Thea Ruoho
  • To Sail as Men by The Ragged Rose (Sequel to Flat Aback. After a glass of wine in Pellew's cabin, Horatio and Edward turn to more interesting pursuits)
  • The Garden by Elizabeth Holden (In which Lord Edrington's mother receives two visitors in her garden.)
  • First Night by Anne Fairchild (Shaken by an unexpected illness, Pellew reveals his most intimate feelings to Horatio.)
  • Wind's Eye by Elizabeth Holden (After the Governor's dinner party, Horatio decides to go to bed early.)
  • Eye of the Wind by Elizabeth Holden (After the Governors dinner party, Pellew is given a reason to smile.)