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This article documents a currently unfolding situation within the fannish realm. Content may change quickly, and the page structure itself may undergo major revision. New details are very welcome.

Event: Adpocalypse
Participants: Advertisers
Date(s): 2017
Fandom: Multifandom
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The YouTube Adpocalypse is a name coined in early 2017 to describe a site-wide withdraw of advertisers that affected the platform. After the initial controversy, several advertiser-connected controversies were also referred to as "Adpocalypse".


Some creators say that Adpocalypse started as early as August 2016 when YouTube started shifting their focus towards more "family-friendly" content. Many channels with adult viewers and more serious/spicy overtones noticed a difference in their earnings.

2017 and 2018

In February 2017, Youtuber PewDiePie came under fire for content that YouTube deemed "anti-Semitic" and "hate speech". A lot of major brands (Coca-Cola, Disney, etc.) pulled their advertising as a result.

Later that year concerns regarding advertising on kids-oriented channels resulted in YouTube amending their Partner Program.

In 2018 Logan Paul posted a video from his trip to Japan, where he reacted to finding a body. This prompted a lot of backlash towards him, and resulted in YouTube updating their policies.


February 2019 - MattsWhatItIs

May 2019 Vox Adpocalypse (Adpocalypse 2.0)


Suzy Lu, drama channels possibly going after each other's sponsors.

Once the Suzy Lu debacle wound down a little, two prominent drama channels involved (TipsterNews and AugieRFC) have been demonetized (though officially not for their involvement)


The Brazilian singer and Drag Queen Pabllo Vittar denounced on his social networks that the site has imposed successive sanctions and censorship on his videos, including age restrictions, while other artists with explicit content do not go through the same treatment. Pabllo argued that possibly Youtube is boycotting her for being an artist LGBT, fact already evidenced by several other artists.