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Name: AdmralCleo's Xena and Ares Page
Owner/Maintainer: AdmralCleo
Dates: 1998 or earlier to 1999 (active)
2000 to 2009 (inactive but online)
Type: fansite, Ares/Xena
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback link)
AdmralCleo's Xena and Ares Page as it appeared on October 19, 2009.
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AdmralCleo's Xena and Ares Page was reputedly the second page ever dedicated to the Ares/Xena pairing in the Xena: Warrior Princess fandom.

Welcome to my Xena Warrior Princess and Ares God of War page. The second page ever dedicated completely to the two characters and their relationship, mainly because I love the show. I also found that there was only one other page out there dedicated to the subject. I know there are other Xena and Ares fans out there so I just had to put a page up. I hope you enjoy my page, it is always under construction so please be patient and thank you for visiting! [1]

The site included commentary, fan fiction, art, photos, quotes, and links, and was notably subtext-friendly during a time when many het websites were not.

[...] I may have left some of you subtext-starved, so I decided to put up a few links for you. These sights are jammed packed with alternative fanfiction. If you have a site you think I should put up here go ahead and suggest it to me. [2]

Although the date the site was originally created is unknown, the main page included a counter that showed the number of visitors since November 11, 1998.

The site was a member of The Ares and Xena Have a 'Thing' Webring and the Science Fiction Creators webring.

Though AdmralCleo's Xena and Ares Page remained online until Geocities closed in 2009, the final site update occurred a decade earlier on March 4, 1999.


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