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An Act of Affection comes in many forms.


Carrying an individual is much like the act of picking them up, only it suggests movement. Unlike piggybacking someone, it is usually by holding someone in their arms.

Cheek Pinching

Pinching someone's cheeks can often be seen as affectionate, admiring how they've grown, or gently teasing them for being cute.


Cuddling an individual is liken to holding or hugging, but unlike holding, cuddling often occurs while lying down, most likely for a longer period of time than hugging.

untitled, Archived version by MeowsteryyFandom: ITDate: 21 April 2020Medium: FanartStatus: WIPGenre: Cuddling, Gender Swap
Im actually done and forgot to tweet this half done piece so heres a looky before i post it tomorrow! (Reddie)

Forehead Touching

The act of two individuals resting their foreheads against each other's can be very intimate. Occasionally it is shown to be one character leaning their forehead against any part of another's body. In the X-Files fandom, this can be known as Forehead Sex.

untitled, Archived version by ProfdrlachFingerFandom: ITDate: 14 October 2017Length: 5Medium: FanartGenre: Forehead Touching
My first Reddie sketches because those two were honestly too cute!

Hair Touching

This can take place when one 'fixes' another's hair, weaves their fingers into their hair, or simply lays their hand against it lovingly.

untitled, Archived version[1] by KatRm7Fandom: ITDate: 20 April 2020Medium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Hair Touching, Lap-Sitting
Eddie extraño a Richie <3 - Translated from Spanish by Google: Eddie I miss Richie < 3 (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by GummyBear2379Fandom: ITDate: unknownLength: 7Medium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Hair Touching, Neibolt Eddie, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
And I love Richie and Eddie so I draw them a lot… (Reddie & Bill Denbrough)

Brushing Hair Behind an Ear

Giving a Noogie

Giving a noogie to someone means rubbing your fist against their scalp and hair. It can often be mildly painful, but is usually considered to be an affectionate form of teasing.

CHAP13 “Loose Ends” a REDDIE FANCOMIC, Archived version[2] by SlashpaloozaFandom: ITDate: 24 December 2017Length: 4 pagesMedium: Fanart - FancomicStatus: CompleteGenre: Flirting, Hugging, Kissing, Giving a Noogie
First: THANK YOU to @TheTheatreGal for beta-reading the comic on the holidays, like… how amazing is that!!! ♥♥ (Reddie)

Hair Pulling

A common kink is also hair pulling and though it is sexual in nature and may be associated with Pain Kink, can still be done affectionately.

Hand Holding

untitled, Archived version by MsKrysta, formerly M-KrystaFandom: ITDate: 14 February 2018Length: 1,280px × 1,674pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Hand Holding, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
love them. (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by KkourbeFandom: ITDate: unknownMedium: FanartGenre: Hand Holding
messy bad doodle….. of a thingy @EddieGayspbrak (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by VanaosFandom: ITDate: unknownLength: 456px × 810pxMedium: FanartGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Hand Holding, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
my boys ❤️❤️❤️ (Reddie)

Pinky Holding

Inter-locking pinkies.

Hiding One's Face in a Neck

This can be done out of shyness, to hide the emotions on one's face, or just to feel close. If the other person tucks their face into their neck, this can be a form of providing comfort.


Holding an individual is liken to cuddling or hugging, but unlike cuddling, can occur in many positions, and unlike hugging can last a longer amount of time.

untitled, Archived version by Kuchelbeker, formerly MarcoGiorteFandom: ITDate: 02 February 2018Length: 540px × 518pxMedium: FanartGenre: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Holding, Lap-Sitting
it`s okay, Eds, it`s okay (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by ElmoBloopFandom: ITDate: 04 April 2018Length: 430px × 750pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Bandage, Holding, Picking Up
reddie commissioned by @jacksbrak (for his NTG series)


Holding an individual is liken to cuddling or holding, but unlike cuddling and holding an individual, it is usually fairly short-lasting, and tends to occur when standing.

untitled, Archived version by JesusChristststFandom: ITDate: 16 October 2017Medium: FanartGenre: Hugging
Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier hugging. (Reddie)
Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier ~ IT (1990), Archived version by ProfDrLachFingerFandom: ITDate: 18 October 2017Length: 900px × 1,226pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Hugging
This is my part of the Reddie art trade with the most amazing @Cersell (now Cherloak)! ✨ I hope you like it, it was so much fun to draw! <3 (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by PhonixFandom: ITDate: 15 January 2018Medium: FanartGenre: Hugging, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
Teenz (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version[3] by TheArtSharkiFandom: ITDate: 21 April 2020Medium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Hugging
Using reference always turns out so well tho (Reddie)


This is the act of an individual sitting in another's lap.

untitled, Archived version by StannIsStan69Fandom: ITDate: 22 April 2019Length: 3Medium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Cheek Kissing, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Kissing, Lap-Sitting, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
sorry for how late these r :/// i was waiting to buy a new tablet cuz my old one broke, but i realized that’s taking longer than i calculated lol. (Reddie)

Lifting a Head by the Chin

Nose Touching

The act of an individual resting their nose against another can be very intimate, and a soft form of affection or neediness. At times two characters will touch their noses to each other's. And when rubbed together gently is given the name: Eskimo Kiss. Though Eskimo is not considered to be a politically correct term, there is no such kiss in the Inuit culture.

untitled, Archived version by DognongFandom: ITDate: 10 October 2019Length: 540px × 330pxMedium: FanartGenre: Nose Touching



Picking Up

Picking an individual up is much like the act of carrying them, only it is a stationary action.

untitled, Archived version by KriyonceFandom: ITDate: 06 November 2017Length: 540px × 515pxMedium: FanartGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Picking Up, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
🤡 (Reddie)
untitled, Archived version by ElmoBloopFandom: ITDate: 03 December 2017Length: 540px × 796pxMedium: FanartGenre: Bandage, Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Picking Up, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups

Piggyback Ride

A piggyback ride involves carrying someone, specifically on one's back.

untitled, Archived version by HamFandom: ITDate: 29 December 2018Medium: FanartGenre: Piggyback Ride, Time Travel
Kids meet adults (Reddie)