Accidental Intermission

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Accidental Intermission
Author(s): Brytewolf
Date(s): 2010
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: AOS
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Accidental Intermission is a K/S story by Brytewolf.

Reactions and Reviews

This is a beautifully written, lyrical narrative from Spock's POV. His control falters after unknowingly eating chocolate, allowing his long-hidden desires to rise to the surface. After Kirk's token protests at taking advantage of Spock's inebriation are not accepted, this results in truly steamy sex scene. There is also a delicious emotional intensity here that is felt not just from Spock, but from Jim via the Vulcan's telepathic ability that takes this story out of the realm of a pwp.

The author writes in their story notes: I will admit, unreservedly, that I am very surprised at the ending to this. Cause, yeah, the sex was totally the point. But somehow Spock and Jim had other ideas. I love it when characters are so strong they take over the story and the author allows it, even though it's not necessary what they had intended to write.

This is a lovely little piece that I highly recommend reading. [1]


  1. from The K/S Press #172