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Name: Access The Animus
Owner/Maintainer: Markuz (founder)
Dates: 2013- current
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
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Access The Animus is a dual-language (English and Italian) fansite for Assassin's Creed founded by Markuz and run by himself and multiple other people.[1] The site hosts articles and interviews, as well as a mirror of the content that was previously on the Assassin's Creed Initiates website before Ubisoft closed Initiates down.

Access The Animus is a project which was launched on May 11, 2013, with the goal of being able to provide analyses, data and information as clear and reliable as possible for the Assassin's Creed community.

Our objective, namely to give an explanation for the many mysteries of the plot, and our love for the franchise led us to choose Access The Animus as the title of our project, taking inspiration from a famous track of the first chapter of the saga. During its first year the initiative received a very positive feedback from users on social networks, so much so that ATA became a place in which fans of the franchise can meet and discuss. At the same time we published on the site several articles about the plot of the games and its expanded universe.[2]


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