Academy Comedy

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Title: Academy Comedy
Publisher: Star Fleet Academy, a fan club out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Editor(s): Michael D. Stutzman
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Academy Comedy is a 28-page Star Trek: TOS zine.

It has content by John Acheson, Keith Drea, Suzanne Garden, Liz Anne Glancy, Joei Kimpel, Kyym Kimpel, Beth M. Lentz, Lorelei Mather, Greg Nowak, Gretch Staudinger, and Michael D. Stutzman.

front cover, Gretch Staudinger
back cover

The Editorial

The editorial:

You have just acquired a very unique "zine". Academy Comedy is special collection of humor that is sure to be a delightful treat for any fan, as well as a pleasure for newcomers to fandom. Included within, you will find some of the best humor from the many talented artists who have been been associated with "Star Fleet Academy". There are also many new, original items for your enjoyment from lesser known artists, plus a few choice reprints of comics from The Milwaukee Journal.

You'll want to make sure to keep a copy close at hand. Academy Comedy makes perfect reading at Cons, on buses, trains, and planes, or just about anytime that you need a good laugh to pick up your spirits. And it makes for great gift-giving, too!

Here's hoping that you enjoy Academy Comedy as much as I did in compiling it. I would even dare to say that in the years ahead, it may even become a collector's item. If you enjoy this special "zine", let's hear from you. A second volume or follow-up could be put together next year.


  • original cartoons
  • reprints of cartoons and comic strips with a Star Trek focus or mention from mainstream newspapers
  • limericks and poems
  • the transcript of the blooper reel by Beth Lentz
  • a short story by Michael D. Stutzman about standing in line to see the first Star Trek movie and finding out the audience is filled with aliens
  • filks by Michael D. Stutzman and Elizabeth M. Lentz
  • a parody letter