Abuse of Power

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Title: Abuse of Power
Author(s): Ian Horsewell
Date(s): 1997
Fandom: The X-Files
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Abuse of Power is an X-Files story by Ian Horsewell.

Reactions and Reviews

In an alternate universe, Ian Horsewell looks at a case through the eyes of the brand new Mulder/Scully team. "Abuse of Power" has the team suspecting that someone in the FBI is killing convicted child molesters. This is solid writing, we get to follow the investigation, and I like Horsewell's take on the team if they had started out with a little more respect.[1]


  1. ^ REVIEW: Fan Fic, Summer '97 3/4; archive link for part 3 , also see REVIEW: Fan Fic, Summer '97 for the controversy reviews on this post caused in fandom