Abigail Crabtree (Starsky & Hutch character)

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Name: Abigail Crabtree
Occupation: it's never clear
Relationships: Hutch's fairly long-term girlfriend
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Abby in "Vendetta"
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Abby Crabtree appears in a handful of episodes, more than any other romantic interest, and is Hutch's girlfriend. Her biggest role is in the episode "Vendetta." During that episode, she is shown as constantly irritated at Hutch's attention to his job over their relationship. After a bad guy attacks and attempts to rape her as revenge for Hutch's involvement in a case, Abby decides to end the relationship and leave town.

A Few Facts About the Canon Abby

  • she has a brother who drives a VW Bug
  • she tells Starsky she's leaving Hutch before she tells Hutch
  • she wants more from Hutch than he's willing to give
  • she orders an iced tea with her pastrami sandwich
  • she shares an interest in health food with Hutch

The Fanon Abby

Abby exists in fanfic mostly as someone who has moved away, but still causes Hutch angst regarding his rotten luck with women and is an example of the trope, Women in Refrigerators.

Some Abby Fics

Some Abby Vids

It is non-existent.

Some Abby Art

It is non-existent.