a demon and a kitten

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Journal Community
Name: a demon and a kitten
Date(s): 2006 - present (last post 2014)
Moderator: girls_are_weird
Founder: girls_are_weird
Type: Open and Moderated
Fandom: X-Men
URL: https://kurtty.livejournal.com/ (archived link)
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a demon and a kitten was a livejournal community in X-Men fandom dedicated to the pairing of Kitty Pryde/Kurt Wagner. Where fans shared fanworks about the pairing. a demon and a kitten also listed Always There: The Kurt & Kitty Fanlisting as an associated website.

Welcome Post

hello and welcome to a demon and a kitten, a community for all supporters of the kurt/kitty pairing to discuss, share fanart and fanfiction related to this particular interest. if you like the couple, don't hesitate to join!


1. gotta love kurt/kitty (nightcrawler/shadowcat): you can love them in any of their x-men incarnations (comics, evolution universe, movies), but you have to love them. if you don't, why would you want to join?

2. be polite: it's okay to disagree with other members, but don't be rude about it. also, NO CHARACTER BASHING.

3. mature content is allowed: just keep it under an lj-cut and put a warning in the post.

4. fanfiction/fanart is allowed and encouraged!: as long as it has kurtty content. if it has other couplings, that's fine, as long as kurtty is in there somewhere.


1. always there, the kurt/kitty fanlisting

2. a demon and a kitten, a kurt/kitty fanfiction C2 archive[1]