A day too early (still a couple dollars short)

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Title: a day too early (still a couple dollars short)
Author(s): thatotherperv
Date(s): Published: 2011-12-08
Length: 11424 words
Genre: slash AU
Fandom: Suits
External Links: AO3

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a day too early (still a couple dollars short) is an AU fanfic by thatotherperv, which was originally posted as one of the many ways Harvey didn't meet Mike, until it got renamed when the final chapter was posted. It was written before season 2 of Suits, and it was tagged with pre-BDSM tag.


Harvey picks up Mike in the pilot instead of Miss Eat-It-Off-My-Stomach. Mike isn't easy, in any sense beyond the obvious.

The fic has been posted to GoodReads without the author's permission, which resulted in thatotherperv posting an Author's Note that stated:

IMPORTANT NOTE: I just asked that this fic be removed from GoodReads - I am NOT comfortable with my work being on that site. please be courteous and do not add it or any of my other work back. Thanks!

Reviews and Comments

So good! You've hit upon all the key aspect of how their dynamic works. Harvey's appreciation for Mike's mind, with his simultaneous frustration that he wouldn't break out. If we take the alphabetical grading scale, would an F get you a flogging? Doesn't sound like much of a punishment! I just wondered as it was a theme in this and your other piece I've read, do you think they will ever try to legitimise Mike and get him a law degree? Or is it more like fannish hope it won't all end with Mike and Harvey sharing a bunk in prison? (Though I'd totally still watch that.)[1]
Just marvellous (I'm trying to stay away from 'amazing' at this point in time). Still not seen the show, so am taking this and Needs Must as the pure canon of these 2 guys, whom I now adore. Really loved the way in this and NM that you use the sex as an integral part of the story, and not as the wishful and slightly pervy aside of the typical slash writer. Loved the humour, the respect for each other that comes through in your lovely clear and funny dialogue, loved the twist that gets them in the place Harvey wants (law school) and also where Mike wants (Harvey's lap). I know I'm parroting mskatej's comments, she said everything I wanted to. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, yet again.[2]
Oh me oh my, what a wonderful fic you have written. I wish there were more - I do like stories where Mike ended up - you know - not a fraud. Is there anything you have written on what happens after this? I would love to read it if you should ever decide to write it.[3]
I loved this fic. It was because of Needs Must that I got into Suits in the first place and I have never regretted it, and your characterisations are so perfect that I was able to watch the show after the fics and not feel like anyone was OOC (well apart from the lack of Harvey/Mike sex of course)[4]
This this! This is why AUs are so great in a fandom. Because after having read such a great AU there is nothing that has strayed away from your canon, your favorite characters are there in all their splendor, what makes them such favorite characters is explored in detail and under a new light, you have the chance to witness never before seen moments in their relationship and, even more, you have the luck to watch their relationship mature in way your canon will never allow. This is one great story you have shared here and this is why I revisit regularly and fall in love with it every single time! (The fact that this is your first one in the fandom and you wrote it back then is S1 and it is still perfect as in day one...well this speaks tons both about your talent and your intelligence!)[5]
Now that this is finished I can give you the feedback you deserve because this is absolutely one of the best fics I've read in the fandom. I took the opportunity to go back and read the whole thing again from start to finish, partly to remind myself what was going on, partly so I could experience the sex scene again, because holy crap, it is ridiculously erotic. I have high standards when it comes to porn and you exceeded them; I love it when sex is an integral part of the narrative and not incidental to it, I love that you used sex to deepen the characterisation of both guys and to establish the tenets of their relationship - it made it so much hotter, because not only is it well written, it's *interesting*. Not a cliche in sight, men behaving like men, and because of that their emotional connection, as it develops, resonates that much more. And speaking of your beautiful writing, I adore your style: it's clean and pure, witty and intelligent, engaging and entertaining.

Your grasp of the characters is just fantastic - in fact your characterisation is some of the most perceptive I've seen yet. I mean, the fact that you are able to convey how very intelligent both men are is incredibly impressive. Everything they do here feels natural, plausible, human, and true to the characters as they are in the show. I never once questioned your characterisation. You capture perfectly the deepening bond between them, their attraction to one another, the way they respond to each other, and I love the way you show how much they genuinely like and respect each other beneath the occasionally brittle surface. Basically, you successfully created a dynamic that exists in the source material, as opposed to a slasher's wishful thinking, and that's so difficult to do, especially when you're writing an AU like this, where you have to create the chemistry from scratch and then maintain the sexual and romantic tension throughout. Awesome work.

And that epilogue... possibly the hottest and more romantic epilogue of all time. Just amazing. This entire story is amazing.

I am giddy with excitement about your D/s fic btw.[6]


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