A Wolf in Prince Julian's Court

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Title: A Wolf in Prince Julian's Court
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): around 2005
Medium: print
Fandom: Kindred the Embraced
Language: English
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A Wolf in Prince Julian's Court is a gen Kindred the Embraced novel.

Summary from the submission request: "Julian takes in a wounded fugitive, placing the San Francisco Kindred at risk for invaders who wish to possess him at any cost. The compassion of the prince and an ancient pact are tested by the demands of the Masquerade as the clans and the city are terrorized by a madman."

Summary from a distributor: Agent With Style: "A foundling boy, wild and uncontrollable, is taken in by Julian, the Prince of San Francisco. Can he make this wolfling into a human being again? And what happens when he does, and the boy realizes just who his benefactor is?"