A Hero Lies In You

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Title: A Hero Lies In You
Creator: Dan Ma
Date: on or before June 1999
Format: digital, Real Player
Length: 4min 28sec
Music: "A Hero Lies In You" by Mariah Carey
Fandom: Xena
URL: archived version of the vidder's website; a copy has been uploaded to Youtube here

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A Hero Lies In You is an Xena fan vid by Dan Ma. It was created on or before June 1999.

Vidder's notes:
"Season 4 to say the least, has been a turbulent time for both Xena and Gabrielle. Rifts, demons and wayward gurus have brought out the darker sides of the two, but their love for each other stood fast despite the roller-coaster ride this season. Set to Mariah Carey's Hero, this clip is a tribute to the good times and tender moments of the two warriors, whose heroes lie in each other.... Although the clip doesn't contain major spoilers, it uses footage from season 4. Those who haven't seen the entire season can still check it out, while those who have can enjoy the touch of irony in a few scenes of the clip. This is my first attempt at music videos and video editing, and has received the thumbs-up from several multimedia critics. The files are large, but definitely worth downloading. "[1]

History of the Vid

By 2000, the vid had won at least one award (see vidder's archived website): ""...5 chakrams is the highest rating, classified as a must for all Xena fans..."

In 2015, the vid was posted to YouTube by Lesbian Lips who wrote:

"Hemos querido recuperar algunos de los vídeos famosos de esa época de máxima ebullición creativa de la serie Xena Warrior Princess.

Este vídeo es uno de los primeros fanvids que recuerdo, uno de esos que pronto se convierten en clásicos. Realizado por Dan Ma de la web xenamedia.com probablemente en 1998 o 1999.

Dedicado a todas las guerreras y bardos, a esas Xenites que se les cae la lagrimita viendo este vídeo ;-D"[2]



  1. "archived version of the vidder's website". 
  2. Google translate:"We wanted to recover some of the famous video during the peak of Xena creativity.This Xena Warrior video is one of the first fanvids I remember, and it soon became a Dan Ma classical. It was posted to xenamedia.com probably in 1998 or 1999. It is dedicated to all the warriors and bards, and those Xenites whose tears fall while watching this video;-D