A Fortunate Woman

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Title: A Fortunate Woman
Author(s): Cyphomandra
Date(s): 23 December 2013
Length: 2786 words
Genre: Future fic
Fandom: Return to Night by Mary Renault
External Links: On AO3

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"A Fortunate Woman" is a Return to Night story written by Cyphomandra for queen_ypolita as part of Yuletide 2013 exchange, in response to a prompt about Hilary in the wartime, in the future of the novel's ending.

Readers commented:

  • I love all the medical detail and Hilary's quiet determination to just get on with her work, and the worry about Julian.—queen_ypolita[1]
  • My only complaint about this story is that I wish I had written it myself. It is so right, so true to the book, and was such a joy to read. You obviously have done your research and in particular know your medicine inside out. It really shows in the story and was, I think, necessary to do Hilary justice as a character. I love her quiet competence and the clear picture you've given of her matter-of-fact, steadfast professionalism. Yay Hilary! [...]—naraht[2]


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