A Dangerous Concept

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Title: A Dangerous Concept
Author(s): Nova
Date(s): 2000
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: Online at AO3

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A Dangerous Concept is a Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Nova.

It was originally printed in the zine Fire and Ice #6.

Reactions and Reviews

Avon is captured and held in a state of sensory deprivation, where, in an attempt to stay sane, he conjures up a detailed fantasy world in which he and Blake are lovers. It's an interesting idea, and handled more believably than I would have expected. And I *really* liked the dynamics between Avon and his dream-Blake, and how they carried over into his relationship with the real thing.[1]
The first time I read this, I thought it was good, but not as good as some of her others. This time I really enjoyed it. I like that the sensory deprivation comes back and is the catalyst for Blake's confession and the way Avon equates the dream Blake he conjures up for himself while in sensory deprivation with both the real Blake and himself. Nice ending as well, as usual from Nova.[2]


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