A Beautiful Mess

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Title: A Beautiful Mess
Author(s): Kaye
Date(s): November 2007
Length: 6,294 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
External Links: online here

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A Beautiful Mess is a Starsky and Hutch slash story by Kaye. It is a rare example of a Starsky/Huggy Bear story.


"Huggy heard the door creak and knew his sermon now had an audience of two. “You and me – we’ll always be this fucked up mess. But it’s a beautiful mess. And you and Hutch – well you’re this beautiful piece of art. All balance and composition and light and dark. So quit being sorry all the goddamn time and regretting things you can’t do a damn thing about and start bringing all your new doctor friends into my bar. Need to class up my clientele. Need to pay my bills. Need to start having children . . .”