A A Sonic Shipping

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Name: A A Sonic Shipping, AASS, Absolutely Any Sonic Shipping
Date(s): Founded Feb 14, 2010
Type: DeviantArt, Shipping
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog
URL: https://www.deviantart.com/a-a-sonic-shipping/
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A A Sonic Shipping, short for Absolutely Any Sonic Shipping, was a Deviantart group for sharing almost any type of ship art. They allowed, in their own words:

*Male and a Female [Hetero]
  • Male and a Male [Yaoi]
  • Female and a Female [Yuri]
  • Attraction towards a non-living object
  • Attraction towards an automation/robot
  • Attraction for Yourself [Vanity]
  • Attraction towards multiple persons/object [Polygamy]
  • Attraction towards those significantly older or younger than your biological age [Pedophilia]
  • Attraction towards Your Kin [Incest]
  • or even Otherwordly/Supreme Beings


They also accepted crossover ships and canon character x fan character ships. However, they did not allow "fancharacter-only pairings".

Their motto was "Love is Art, No Matter the Form" and their main page features art of Sonic with Amy and Sally, probably in reference to the Sonamy vs Sonally ship war which was raging in the fandom at that time.

A A Sonic Shipping currently has 2,665 Members, 2,273 Watchers, and 524,871 Pageviews. The last journal was posted on May 3, 2012.