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AO3 Savior is a browser plugin that hides works on Archive Of Our Own based on the user's specified preferences. It can be used for blacklisting by tag, author, work title, or keyword in the work summary.

AO3 Savior is an unofficial tool not supported by AO3 staff, but it is linked from their "Unofficial Browser Tools" FAQ. It was coded by tuff_ghost.

[quietgames in their 2013 tutorial "how to ao3 savior, a pictorial tutorial"]

When you browse in ao3, you’ll see that ao3 savior behaves in a manner very similar to tumblr savior. Authors, tags, and summary phrases you have blacklisted will appear only as small boxes announcing the presence of a hidden work. You can hit the “unhide” button to reveal a hidden fic. (You have the option of toggling back to hidden mode once you unhide something, so if your curiosity gets the better of you and you end up unhiding something that pings an eleven on the NOPE-meter, you’ll be able to banish it again immediately.)[1]

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