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Synonyms: lyric vid
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Example of a portion of an AO3 Lyric vid, this one created by msmegalodon, based upon the lyric to A Thousand Years. The vid received over a 40,000 likes on twitter in June 2021

The use of song lyrics in fanfiction titles is a long standing fandom tradition dating back to the print fanzine era. Searchable, online archives now makes it easier to locate these stories, especially for fanfic archives like AO3 with robust tagging and filtering. It was inevitable that fans would be inspired to recreate song lyrics using screenshots of AO3 story titles and string them together on graphic and image friendly platforms like Tumblr. This in turn inspired others to set these title screencaps to the actual song and upload the video.

While the concept is simple, there is room for witty eye puns and creative juxtaposing. For example: for instrumental bridges, the vidder will select a story title that matches the mood of the instrument. Ex: "A Wild Saxophone Has Appeared," Shameless Sax" or "Soft Playing Of A Piano". The opening single piano note for "Welcome to the Black Parade" is paired with A G-Note Without Warning'.

In one song , Tequila by the Champs, the instrumental bridge is long and repetitive so the vidder selected: "And the Band Keeps Playing On." If the music has additional audio snippets (ex: the sound of running feet in the theme song of Scooby Doo), the vidder may place two fic titles - one for the lyrics being sung and one for the song effect on the screen.

In Some nights I stay up (reading Ao3 fic) the vid comes full circle - the AO3 fic titles become the lyrics for the song, and the vid title refers back to the habit of staying up all night to read AO3 fanfiction.