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Title: A.F.T.E.R.
Author(s): Mary Case
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Original Fiction?
Language: English
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A.F.T.E.R. is a novel by Mary Case.

There was an announcement for it in the May 1995 issue of The Monthly as a new zine. It appears to be original fiction, but is unique in that it was advertised in the multimedia section along with fanfic. The zine must have been quite lengthy, as it was being sold for $25.


From the ad in The Monthly:
A.F.T.E.R. (Armed Forces Team of Emergency Responders). $25. Terrorist mount an attack on Fort Huachuca, one of the largest American Army posts within U.S. boundaries. They commit atrocities, then take off with a busload of elementary school kids, and it looks like there's no way to keep them from caking the kids to Mexico. But they didn't count on a very protective older brother (age 12), a Sergeant named Khaki, and an odd assortment of stable boys, cooks, accountants, and the Intel (Army Intelligence School), and the U.S. Memorial Cavalry Horses, to thunder to the rescue. It's a real adrenalin rush!