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Journal Community
Name: 5trueloves, Five True Loves, 5 True Loves
Date(s): 2005 - 2011
Moderator: kerrie13, midnight_united, minrathous, casper_san
Founder: ?
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: https://5trueloves.livejournal.com/

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5trueloves was a LiveJournal-based theme community for multi-ship fills. There were 493 entries and 1,252 comments posted to the community during its active years.


Hello! Welcome to the community 5 True Loves, a community that recognizes that you may not like just one pairing for a character, but perhaps 5! This community is loosely inspired by 30_kisses which sort of started them all! However, there are some notable differences! Please read the rules below for the differences!

R U L E S 1) No flaming! This is of utmost importance. If we catch you flaming for any reason you will be removed and banned accordingly.

2) Please choose one character, for the duration of your 5 fics this character will be yours to pair with whom you will. However, people may borrow your character to use in one of their pairings. For example, say you choose Kenshin and someone else chooses Kaoru. Now, you might want to use Kaoru as one of your pairings, and they may want to use Kenshin for one of their pairings. That's fine. You may chose up to 2 characters, but they have to be from different fandoms. Update: Up to 2 people may now claim the same character.

3) The object here is to explore different pairings for a character. Your goal is to write five different pairings for that character, however, should you feel you can't come up 5 you may write the same pairing twice. However, you must have 3 different pairings in your five.You write 5 fics, chosing from the 30 themes . . . there are 30 themes so that if you want to do it again you can have choice!