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Journal Community
Name: 30kisses, 30 Kisses And Then Some!, 30 Kisses - Bigger, Faster, and Better than Ever!
Date(s): 2005-2013 (active)
Moderator: the_sweet, seshats_prodigy, casper_san, kitesareevil
Founder: the_sweet
Type: Challenge
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: https://30kisses.livejournal.com/

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30kisses was a theme community that hosted a challenge in the vein of 30_kisses. It was not affiliated with the original 30_kisses community. Participants could choose between several lists of prompts, including the Japanese-language list that inspired 30_kisses. There were 2,320 entries and 2,906 comments left in the community during its active years.

30kisses was affiliated with a number of other theme communities, including one_blanket, 100_situations, and 18coda.


Welcome to 30kisses, the Bigger, Faster, and Better than Ever Version! No, we're not affiliated with 30_kisses, but we follow the same concept-- but with a few tweaks.

This is a low-pressure fanfiction community catering to people interested in a bit of a challenge or thirty. Or more! Chances are, the bulk of people joining are going to be hailing from anime and manga fandoms, but other fandoms (comics, TV, movies, books, original) are also welcomed, as are pairings of any orientation.

(Note: I said PAIRINGS, not threesomes, foursomes, or any other mass 'get-togethers')

Even better, you're not just limited to fanfiction-- aspiring artists can take on the challenge too, and submit fanart or artwork for the 30 themes.

You can claim up to two pairings at any given time. You can't request another claim unless you drop or finish one or both of the other claims. Note that the rule says "pairing," and not threesome, foursome, or any other number-some. ONLY TWO CHARACTERS MAY BE IN YOUR PAIRING. You're welcome to feature the concept of a love triangle or love polygon or what-have-you in your stories, but the two focal characters should be those that you've requested.

You may opt to work with up to one other person on your claim. When one of you makes a request, make sure you indicate the username of the other user, so if each of you posts, there won't be any confusion. Your post summary must also include the other person's name. You're also allowed to have a pen-name for the both of you, to make it easier to put your co-authored stories in the Memories (and give proper credit to the both of you, rather than risking one person's name getting cut off by the character limit).