2 Broke Girls

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Name: 2 Broke Girls
(stylized 2 Broke Girl$)
Abbreviation(s): 2BG
Creator: Michael Patrick King & Whitney Cummings
Date(s): September 19, 2011 – April 17, 2017
Medium: Live-Action Television Show
Country of Origin: United States
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2 Broke Girls was a CBS comedy show about two young women that are broke and are trying to start a cupcake business. 2 Broke Girls ran for six seasons before being canceled by the network.


2 Broke Girls is centered on two characters: Kat Dennings as Max Black - a sassy waitress from a poor, working-class background - and Beth Behrs as Caroline Wesbox Channing - a former wealthy socialite who lost all her money when her father was arrested for a Ponzi scheme. In the pilot episode, Caroline meets Max when she gets a job at the same diner. By the end of the pilot, Caroline (and her horse, Chestnut) have moved in with Max.

The six season series chronicled the lives of these characters as they worked toward their dream of owning a cupcake business.

The main cast also includes:

  • Earl - the elderly cashier at Williamsburg Diner. Earl often shares stories from his days of being a jazz musician.
  • Oleg - a Ukrainian cook at Williamsburg Diner who is constantly making inappropriate sexual comments and jokes. He falls in love, marries, and has a family with Sophie.
  • Han Lee - the Korean-American owner of the Williamsburg Diner. Han is often the target of Max's jokes.
  • Sophie Kachinsky - a Polish woman who lives in the apartment above Max and Caroline's. Sophie owns Sophie's Choice Cleaning Service.


With just 154 works on AO3 and 205 works on FFN being 23 of them crossovers, the small 2BG fandom has a though it's pretty big on Tumblr. Mainly due to the fact that Kat Dennings is a fan favorite actress as well as her character Max Black, which leads to several crossovers with other Kat works, mainly but not exclusively the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it being by far the most popular of course however.

Shipping mainly deals with the femslash pairing of Max/Caroline that fans have affectionately dubbed "Maxoline".



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