2 Broke Girls

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Name: 2 Broke Girls
Abbreviation(s): 2BG
Creator: Michael Patrick King & Whitney Cummings
Date(s): September 19, 2011 – present
Medium: Live-Action Television Show
Country of Origin: United States
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2 Broke Girls is a CBS comedy show about two young women that are broke and are trying to start a cupcake business. The series is on its third season and was renewed for a fourth one.


The two starring women are Kat Dennings as Max Black - a sassy waitress that is from a poor background and Beth Behrs as Caroline Wesbox Channing - a former rich society girl that lost all her money when her father was arrested and becomes a waitress at the same diner as Max and moves in with her.

They are joined with reoccurring characters:

  • Earl - the cashier at the Diner and an elderly former jazz musician.
  • Oleg - a Ukrainian cook at the Diner.
  • Han Lee - the Korean-American owner of the Diner
  • Sophie Kachinsky - a Polish lady who moves into the apartment above Max's and owns Sophie's Choice Cleaning Service


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2 Broke Girls is still fairly small fandom on AO3 and FFN, it's pretty big on Tumblr.

A Tumblr fan favorite character is Max Black, mainly in part of Kat Dennings' portrayal of the character. Due to this it's common to find crossovers with Dennings' other major role of Darcy Lewis.

Shipping mainly deals with the femslash pairing of Max/Caroline (pairing name is "Maxoline")

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