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Name: Twisting the Hellmouth
Date(s): 25th November 2003[1] - present
Type: Fanfiction Archive
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
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Twisting the Hellmouth is a fanfiction archive for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series crossover fanfiction.[2] It also hosts non-crossover fanfiction and fanart. As of 5th December 2009, the site holds 16,072 stories, of which 13,305 are crossovers with BtVS and/or AtS.[3]

Posting Rules

The site rules state that at least 50% of the stories posted by individual users must be crossovers between BtVS and/or AtS and another fandom. This is to preserve the theme of the site as a Buffy crossover archive [2]. The rules also state that at least 50% of the total wordcount of stories posted by individual authors must be crossovers. However, these ratio restrictions are waived for site donors. For 'ratio' purposes, crossover stories between BtVS and AtS, or between other fandoms (for example, between Harry Potter and Stargate SG1) are not counted as crossovers.


Prior to 2005, TtH used the MPAA ratings system, requiring all stories to be rated on a G to NC-17 scale. However, following concerns over cease and desist letters sent to fanfiction writers over the use of MPAA ratings in stories [4] a new ratings system was developed by Houses [5]:

  • FR7 - Suitable for your seven year old cousin. No nightmare inducing material of a sexual or violent nature. No naughty language. As fluffy a fluffy bunny as you can get.
  • FR13 - Behold the wonders of dirty words. But only saying them. Not doing them.
  • FR15 - The sexual exploration begins! But nothing explicit, and the violence is kept to Super Mario levels.
  • FR18 - Violence ho! But nothing extreme. Be reasonable. If it'd give an 18 yr old nightmares, move it on up a level. Nookie, but not porn.
  • FR21 - No holds barred, Skinamax experience. Should that be no clothes barred? Or maybe just a round of particularly descriptive violence. Regardless, not for the faint of heart. Place stories with explicit warning labels here. Those under the age of 18 may not read or post stories of this rating.[2]


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