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Name: Anne Rice
Also Known As: Anne Rampling, A.N. Roquelaure
Occupation: author
Medium: novels
Works: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned
Official Website(s): and Anne Rice's Facebook
Fan Website(s): Vampire Lestat Fan Club
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Anne Rice is the author of the popular Vampire Chronicles series, and Sleeping Beauty Trilogy BDSM fantasy series (the latter under the pseudonym "A.N. Roquelaure.")

Also see Interrogating the text from the wrong perspective.

Identifying with Lestat: Anne

In 2001, Anne wrote:'s hard to describe Lestat. Lestat, in a way, is my whole life, because even when I'm not writing about Lestat, I'm looking at the world through Lestat's eyes, and it's Lestat who has made me a world traveller. Lestat who's transported me out of myself, and my preoccupation with my limitations, both physical and spiritual. Lestat is more than just a created charcter to me. He is a symbol of some kind of freedom and dominance, and yet I never kid myself about his evil. He represents the ruthless side in us, but he's part of my thoughts night and day. And, part of my conversation night and day, I suppose. Almost everything I see, I ask myself 'What would Lestat think of would Lestat react to this,' so I would say that he is the other half of me, but he is the male ruthless half of me that, thank God, does not exist, except in fiction. [1]

Rice's Attitudes Regarding Fanfiction Based on Her Work

Anne Rice is also notable in fandom for her adamant disapproval of fan fiction, saying in 2000:
I do not allow fan fiction. The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters. It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes. [2]

Jokes about her previous position abound, such as this April Fool's joke on Anne Rice Admits to Writing Jesus Fan Fiction.[3] This was based on her actual writing of two books presented as the autobiography of Jesus Christ, books from Jesus's POV, Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt, and Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana [4]

However, in April 2012, Anne Rice was quoted in an interview as having a more nuanced position:

I don’t ever want to read about my characters in someone else’s writing. It’s too upsetting for me, because they are mine and from my mind. I never read fan fiction. Other writers feel differently about it and are happy and encouraging of it. I don’t make judgments—I prefer to ignore it. But if Fifty Shades of Grey grew out of that, well, there are no rules—books can come out in any variety of ways.[5]
Similarly, in November of 2012, she elaborated the "softening of her opinion":
I got upset about 20 years ago because I thought it would block me,’ she says. ‘However, it’s been very easy to avoid reading any, so live and let live. If I were a young writer, I’d want to own my own ideas. But maybe fan fiction is a transitional phase: whatever gets you there, gets you there.’ [6]

Interrogating the Text from the Wrong Perspective

one of the icons generated by the fandom wank discussions. the text reads: due to technical difficulties and a severe lack of space, Anne Rice's ego will not be appearing in this icon. Icon creator: darkwitch666
another icon from the fandom wank discussion. The text is a quote from Anne Rice which was the subject of much mockery in fandom: you are interrogating the text from the wrong perspective. icon creator: sailoreagle

In September 2004, Anne Rice posted a reply on Amazon to critics of her book "Blood Canticle", in which she rejected all negative reviews.[7] Many fans found Rice's response intemperate, jargonistic, and disconcerting, leading to amusing Amazon replies, professional author and editor commentary, and a Fandom Wank post which led to seven pages of comments and an number of icons. The New York Times wrote about it, under the title "Fan power takes on new meaning." [8].

One line in particular — "interrogating the text from the wrong perspective" — is now a favorite catchphrase on Fandom Wank and elsewhere.[9][10] It is used ironically by fans to mock someone, either the original author of the text using authorial intent to trump what actually appears on the page, or another reader who assumes that there can be only one "correct" interpretation of the text. The text (fanfic or published writing) in question is usually problematic or badly written, and the mocked individual may be the lone defender. See also resistant reading.

For more, see Interrogating the text from the wrong perspective.

Removal of Fan Fiction Based on Anne Rice's Works from

A report on the page "Where Has the Anne Rice Fanfiction Gone?" from 2000 says:

This statement was then followed up by attacks on Anne Rice fanfic authors. The attacks consisted of, amongst other things, e-mailed threats regarding not only the writing of fanfiction but any writing that any fanfic author attempted to engage in (regardless of who owned the copyright), attacks on businesses that the fanfic authors owned and weeks of harassing personal letters sent to fanfic author's e-mail addresses and guestbooks. Personal information about fanfic authors was also dug up by Anne Rice employees and used as part of the harassment. Suffice it to say, Anne Rice made her displeasure clear.[11]

In response, removed Vampire Chronicles and other Anne Rice fanfiction from the archive and now states that they will not archive entries based on her work.[12]. However, by 2010, simple searches on for Anne Rice, Vampire Chronicles, and Lestat produced a total of several hundred stories[13].

A fan in 2015 commented: "What is it with female authors of sexy vampire books, that makes them act like their lead character is their secret boyfriend who’ll be cheating on them if he makes an appearance in someone else’s story?" [14]

Other Interactions with Fans

There was a mailing list. From a 2001 post on her official website: "What happened to the mailing list? From the webmaster: Several years ago, Mrs. Rice's staff kept a mailing list and sent out the newsletter Commotion Strange. However, as technology advanced, the decision was made to update fans through the web site, not through the mail. Therefore, Commotion Strange and the mailing list were discontinued. Updates are now released through the web site and through Mrs. Rice's fan phone line." [15]

From December 20, 1996 to February 28, 2004, Anne placed messages on a phone line for fans. "When the fan phone line was active, Anne placed transcripts of her phone line messages on the web site. You'll find them here. Click the date to view a phone message transcript. It will pop up in a separate window. Close the window to close the message." [16]

In 2000, Anne posted five video messages to fans. [17]


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