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Journal Community
Name: Fandom Wank
Date(s): 2002 - present
Moderator: anatsuno, apoplexia, arkane156, backfromspace, brad, eljuno, ereshkigal, eris, geekmagirl, hugsnkisses, ktnb, Oulangi, panthea, phosfate, renjenri, sepiamagpie, shoiryu, Snacky, sorchar, soy_latte, wankprophet
Founder: Dara
Type: Meta
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: (offline, not archived), (offline as of 2013, archived link,

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Fandom Wank is a Journalfen community dedicated to making fun of drama caused by fans on the internet, also known as wank. The Journalfen community is the third incarnation of Fandom Wank, after being TOSsed from both Livejournal and Blurty.[1]

Also see Fandom Wank Wiki.


Fandom Wank has gone through many changes of venue since its inception.

All timeline information has been acquired from the Fandom Wank Wiki Timeline.

The Era of Livejournal (2002-2003)

The first Fandom Wank was founded on livejournal on October 16, 2002 by Dara and TOSsed on January 14, 2003. It is not known who reported it or why it was deleted from livejournal. Reactions were puzzled and angry.[2]

The Era of Blurty (2003)

Fandom Wank at Blurty was founded by Versaphile on January 16, 2003. It was TOSsed on March 9, 2003. Things happened in between.

The Era of CrazyLife (March 2003)

Fandom Wank at CrazyLife was founded by Telesilla on March 10, 2003. It was only active there until it moved to JournalFen on March 16, 2003.

The Era of Journalfen (2003-present)

Fandom Wank found a permanent home on March 16, 2003 when ZorroRojo, having just founded journalfen, offered them a place to stay. The newly homed community was founded by Dara, who created the Modsquad,[3] and grew into the large, active community we see today.

The Fandom Wank Communities

The following is a vague way of grouping up the wank and wank-related and wank-stepchildren communities.

Fandom Wank is a part of a loosely affiliated set of wank and fan-related communities.[4] In general, these communities were founded by the same people who founded Fandom Wank.

This entire part is referenced in the Fandom Wank Wiki.[5] The split in type is pretty much an interpretive dance of categorization, so take it with a grain of salt. A Venn diagram might be helpful.

Fandom Wank Subsidaries

screen cap of the front page of fandom wank accessed July 4, 2014

These communities are Fandom Wank-oriented and tend not to be wank communities themselves.

Wank Feeder Commmunities

These communities act as feeds for Fandom Wank and the other wank communities.

  • Clairvoyantwank - For wank that is not yet at critical mass.[11]
  • Wank Report - For reporting wanks in the wild. Anonymous commenting is permitted. Note that the two posts together contain over 15,000 comments. A snapshot of the first pages of the third wank report and the fourth wank report can be found here and here.[12]

Wank Communities

These communities generally follow the same format as Fandom Wank for pointing and laughing.

  • DL Anon - For wank about the Domlijah Tinhats. Apparently, enough to justify their own core wank constituency.
  • HP Cornfield - For Harmonian and related Harry Potter wank, because there really was enough to populate a community.
  • I-Wank - For reporting wanks you instigated, were heavily involved in, or the reason for. Or something.
  • OTF Wank - For when fandom is not wanky enough and RL has better material.
  • Wankitywank - This is where you mock the people who mocked. It's very meta.

Other Communities

These communities are generally more focused on discussion and ranting but don't hold me to that.

  • Fandom Lounge
  • Fandom Rant
  • Jurisimprudence: see Snacky's Law

The Fandom Wank Spin-Offs

These communities are spin-offs but are not tied directly to Fandom Wank, though the founders are usually members of one or more of the above. They may or may not use the feeder communities. At this point, a Venn diagram would be helpful.

Wank Communities

Pointing and laughing.

  • 6A Cornfield - All wanking about LiveJournal goes here (link)[13]
  • Bad Penny - For revisiting old wanks.
  • Fandom Wank Espanol - For wank in Spanish. (link)
  • FW Offline - For wank that happens offline (link).[14]
  • Gaia Wank - For wank on/about Gaia Online.
  • MockityMock - (Former) home of your friendly neighborhood cabal.
  • Operation Mock - Discussion of Scientology, Anonymous's protest, and related wank.
  • Political Wank - For wank about politics.
  • Shy Wank - A meetup/friending meme community for shy users on Journalfen.
  • Spitting Image
  • Tech Wank
  • The HMS STFU
  • Unfunny Business - An increasingly important comm in recent times, news and discussion about topics deemed too heavy for Fandom Wank (such as racism and sexism) are banished to here.
  • We Wank

Non Wank Communities

Doing stuff that's usually not pointing and laughing. That does not mean it does not happen.

  • Anon-No-More
  • Fandom Court
  • Fandom Discuss
  • Feline Lounge
  • FW Cookbook
  • Hufflen00bs
  • Metaquotes (JF)
  • Random Lounge
  • Random Rant

A Diagram of Wank

Please make a Venn diagram and put it here. It would be funny.

Reactions to Fandom Wank

icon representing what many fans think of fandom wank: that they operate as the "Fandom Police". icon creator: shaggydogstail
others see the fandom wank community as a cannibalistic pack of wolves. Icon by sisterelwood from a drawing by Hyperbole and a Half.

Some fans see FW as a group who position themselves as arbiters of right and wrong within fandom. Cryptoxin described them as a rogue judiciary. Others see FW mainly as a group of mean-spirited mockers, or a home of trolls who stir up ill feelings.


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