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Name: J. Michael Straczynski
Also Known As: JMS, Joe, The Great Maker
Occupation: Writer, Producer
Medium: television (series and tv-movies), books, comics, cartoons, plays
Works: Babylon 5, The Real Ghostbusters, Jeremiah
Official Website(s): Studio JMS
Fan Website(s): JMS News, Worlds of JMS
On Fanlore: Related pages

J. Michael Straczynski is a prolific writer and producer whose best-known fannish claim to fame is Babylon 5, but who has also worked on many other fannish shows, as well as writing comics, novels, and plays. Fans often refer to him as 'The Great Maker' after the supreme deity on Babylon 5.

He's also known for being incredibly accessible to fans online; he's been online since 1984[1]. He talks about upcoming or ongoing projects, and answers questions. The fans began collecting his various posts and messages and passing them along to other fans; during the 1990s, The Zocalo email newsletter had a section called "JMS Speaks" that reprinted various posts JMS made to B5 newsgroups, and a still-active online collection of every post JMS has ever made (since November 1991 - earlier posts appear to be lost) is at JMSnews.

JMS was well aware from the beginning that fans would be writing fanfic about B5, and only asked that they not post it (or links to it) in any of the public forums where he was known to hang out (which led to B5 having an active but almost totally underground fanfic community while the show was airing, as the fans were scrupulous about keeping fanfic out of JMS's view).

Notable fannish sources JMS has worked on

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  • Fans of J. Michael Straczynski, JMS's official Facebook page, where he interacts with fans.
  • JMS on Twitter
  • JMS News, an archive of posts by JMS to various online forums (GEnie, Usenet, etc.) - to date, it's archived nearly 18,000 messages. The site also includes active forums, a contest, links to other JMS-related pages, and an info page on JMS.
  • Worlds of JMS, a fan site dedicated to the works of JMS


  1. "I've been online since 1984, 16 years now, logging in at 300bps on a Kaypro II." - JMS, September 25, 2000, posted to rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated. Accessed November 22, 2009.