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Name: Pat Nussman
Type: Fan Writer, Fanzine Editor, Moderator
Fandoms: Star Wars, Blake's 7, Remington Steele, Harrison Ford, The Sandbaggers
URL: Pat's Fanfic Page
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Pat Nussman became active in media fandom in 1980 in Star Wars fandom, and later became a prolific writer and zine editor in Blake's 7 fandom.

the subject is Pat Nussman, the artist is Nancy Stasulis for the story "Prince in Waiting" in Time Warp #6/7 Volume 1

Pat Nussman passed away in 2003.

She edited the Star Wars zine Alderaani Imperative and the letterzine Jundland Wastes. She was a multiple Fan Quality Award winner, wrote many non-fiction articles on both Star Wars and Blake's 7, and was creator and moderator of a large multimedia mailing list. She published her zines under the name Nerfherder Press.

Pat, by Eluki, a "fan with grace and determination."
From her fanfic page:

"I first got into fandom in 1980.....The earliest stories are in the Star Wars universe, my first fandom, which I got into right after The Empire Strikes Back was released and represents my writing output from about 1980-1986.

In 1986, I got hit by the Blake's 7 bug (in case you don't know, B7 is a rather dark British science fiction series) and I've been fairly monogamous to that fandom ever since, with a few extensive side flirtations (maybe one affair--with another British show, The Sandbaggers)."[1]

In 2009, Maggie Nowakowska dedicated her history of the Star Wars letterzine Jundland Wastes to Pat: "In memory of Pat Nussman, editor extraordinary of JUNDLAND WASTES, the dynamic STAR WARS letterzine of the early 1980s. Pat Nussman played "list mom" to the first hurricanes that tore through SW fanzine fandom with grace and determination."

Pat also coined the fannish phrase The Magic Circle which describes X-Files Mulder's and Scully's increasing inability to trust those around them, forcing them to rely exclusively on each other for trust and friendship. [2]

Permission to Copy

In 1990, she wrote:
Again, for the record, I officially give permission for fans to copy any of my OOP SWars zines (frankly, it's easier on me than doing the photocopying myself): JUNDLAND WASTES (all issues), ALDERAANI IMPERATIVE, COMPLETE CIRCLE OF FIRE 1 and COMPLEAT ZEEK 1. For the record, the last two never had second volumes because of various fiscal problems... SWars has become a fairly small market and the price of printing is way up.[3]


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