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Name: imeem
Dates: 2003-2009
Type: media hosting/streaming
Fandom: n/a
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imeem was a social media site that allowed users to upload and stream music and videos. It was adopted as a new fannish home by the vidding community in 2006? In June 2009, imeem announced that it would discontinue its video-hosting service in five days.[1] Site users were not at all pleased with either the decision or the five-day warning.[2] There was a flurry of blogging activity as vidders left the service and tried to find alternative sites to host their work.[3][4]

imeem was bought out by MySpace on December 8, 2009.[5][6]

The Move to imeem

Fan Reactions to the Closure of Streaming Video

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The Next Move

In 2010, when Ning announced a change in its business model, Bam Video Vault, one of the alternative sites vidders had migrated to, decided to shut down.


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