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Name: Chronicle X, ChronX
Owner/Maintainer: Kris Minkle and Shari Long
Dates: 1998 - 2001
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback link)
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Chronicle X was a popular X-Files website, now defunct, that offered a well-organized archive of recommended fanfic as well as an extensive collection of links to authors' pages, specialty archives, and current WIPs. It hosted Lost and Found, a message board for readers looking for a particular story or genre, and maintained a selection of essays and how-to guides geared towards new fanfic writers. The site was well known for its twice monthly Spotlight On interviews with fic writers, and it also had a monthly feature called Can We Talk? where Shari and Kris discussed a novel-length story.

The site was launched September 7, 1998 and after two years of faithful service was shut down on January 6, 2001. After the main archive closed, Chronicle X Lite, now closed itself, was created to host the vast collection of links and the message board for Lost and Found. At the same time, on a separate site, Fialka archived the forty-six extant author interviews, which are still available today.

Spotlight On

Authors invited to take part in a Spotlight On interview were sent a series of standard questions and encouraged to answer as many as they felt comfortable with. The following authors have their interviews archived at Fialka's site[1]:

Can We Talk?

These stories weren't found at Chronicle X, but were selected by Kris and Shari in the hopes of promoting stories they were unable to archive due to length[2]:

External Links


  1. Spotlight On
  2. Can We Talk? @ The Wayback Machine
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