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Name: .moon aka dot moon
Date(s): 2006-
Archivist: Dejana Talis
Founder: Dejana Talis
Type: Fan Fiction Fanart Archive
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: http://www.dotmoon.net

Total number of fics by media type. These figures are based on using the site search functions as of March 25, 2010.
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.moon ("dot moon") is a multi-fandom fanfiction and fan art archive founded January 6, 2006. The site describes itself as "a multi-fandom community". It also hosts original work and has various community features like discussion boards and annual awards.

Many site users are anime and manga fans.


Dejana Talis, the founder and administrator describes the motivation behind the site like this:
"As a writer, I have long searched for a community that brings fanfiction and original work together on even ground. There are many excellent writing sites online, but I've found many of them to be too specialized, too inactive, too far removed from their original goals, or mere collections of stories with no real community to interact with. I wanted a place where I could feel at home, where I could grow as a writer and help encourage others to grow as well, no matter the subject of our work. I also noticed several writers hoping to post artwork alongside their stories, but I have yet to come across a site that offers such a service."[1]

Technical Aspects

The site is partly based on an open source forum by Simple Machines; much of the site is original code. .moon uses PHP and MySQL.[1]

Content Policy


.moon allows users to archive original fiction and fanfiction of specific fictional sources. It does not allow fics with too many grammar and spelling mistakes, RPF, songfics that have too many lyrics and too little fic content, or stories based on the works of authors who oppose fanfiction.[2] The authors listed on .moon are:


.moon archives both original and fan art.

UFO Awards

The UFO Awards are multifandom awards given out by the .moon community on an annual basis.


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